Vincent’s first birthday!

Recently, some pretty significant things have happened in our family.  Our firstborn turned one a few months ago. Meanwhile, Bryan and I both successfully completed one year of parenthood! This, in my own humble opinion, is really what should be celebrated at the one year mark.  Simultaneous to our son turning 1, we found out we were pregnant with little peachy #2!

As I was reflecting on our heroic first year as parents and experiencing pregnancy again, I realized all the changes that our family has gone through so far and all the changes that are to come.  Obviously, welcoming a baby into our family is  big deal – life changing, mind altering, yada yada.  But Bryan and I both had significant adjustments to make after Vincent arrived.  I became a working mom and Bryan finished nursing school launching his new career.  Babies, career, family – all these changes helped me realize that I have a lot of experiences, opinions, and musings to share and prompted me to pursue this blog.

I have kept blogs before, but they were mostly journal entries; reflections and thoughts but without greater direction or purpose.  My goal for this blog is to share my experiences in life as a working mom and everything that entails. The ups and downs, the great stuff and the hard stuff, the mishaps and the celebrations.

So I thought I would include some qualifying statements about myself to figure out if you might like this blog:

  1.  I have a relationship with God, and I do talk about it.  I hope that if you read this blog you would figure this out on your own,  but I will be up front about it.  God is the most significant part of my life.  I love discussing and debating, but please no derogatory comments from either side.
  2. I am pragmatic, sometimes snarky, and have a dry sense of humor. I am not perfect and sometimes my sarcasm, wit, humor, swearing, or opinions get in the way of demonstrating that I love you.  I apologize in advance, we are all a work in progress. Hopefully you find my sense of humor entertaining, but if you don’t that’s cool. You don’t actually have to read the blog.
  3. I am honest in all things. I am really good at being authentic and honest.  I don’t like when people sugar coat things to me and I don’t like lying to others. Sometimes this means I go really deep when it would be easier to stay on surface level, but to me its important to go deep and be genuine.  I hope you find this refreshing and not nauseating.
  4. I don’t expect you to agree with everything I say, but it would be nice. Okay, I mean it would be great if we agreed on everything, but that’s not very realistic (see #3) .  I do have a few expectations in regard to comments left on this blog – Everyone should be respectful at all time; – You can absolutely share opinions but that doesn’t require cutting someone else down.  Again, please see #2 you don’t actually have to read this blog so if you don’t agree, just find a blogger you do agree with.

So that’s a little about me and the direction of this blog. I hope that you will be back with me soon as I wonder down this working mom road.