Because I haven’t posted in literally weeks…

Guys, moving is hard.

Being a mom of a toddler is exhausting.

Working 40+ hours is ridiculous.

Our dogs are insane.

Oh yeah, and I’m super pregnant (37.5 weeks to be exact)

The count down to baby #2 has begun, only 11 days until my planned C. I haven’t had the energy to think of good posts, but I thought that I would share a quick update on the move and transition. 

Honestly, it’s been great. It has been hard and exciting and exhausting and sad, but I have never been more confident that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Every step of the way I have just felt right. Even when the moving van didn’t show up for 2 weeks  (ughhhhhh) it still felt right to be here in Cincinnati. Bryan got a job in the surgical ICU just weeks after moving (now his license hasn’t come through, but I am choosing to see this as a blessing because he gets to stay home with Vincent and will be here when new baby comes, too) which I had been praying for months. We have spent ample time with friends and family and we keep saying “it’s so great to be here!”

It’s amazing when hard things and big life choices are validated in tangible ways, and I feel this move definitely has been. But overall, its the sense of peace – the peace only God can provide – that helps me know we pursued the right choice for our family. 

Now we are prepped for baby #2 and I am mentally preparing to be a mom of two. We are so thankful to be home and have our families to support us. Here’s to many great days ahead!

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